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Laminate flooring has always been a more durable alternative to hardwood, but in the past, there was no mistaking between the two. Laminate simply didn’t offer authentic looks. Nonetheless, modern-day laminate flooring does well to replicate the looks of wood, and it still continues to offer greater wear resistance and dimensional stability. How does laminate work?

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Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring has a special layered construction that remains relatively consistent across different styles and brands. The top layer, which is called the wear layer, is extremely strong and durable, as it resists scratches, scuffs, and other surface blemishes. As a result, laminate flooring will not need to be finished and refinished like hardwood. Underneath the wear layer is the decorative layer, which includes a real wood visual. This decorative layer provides laminate with its natural appearance.

In addition to the wear layer and the decorative layer, laminate flooring has core and base layers. These core and base layers provides extra support against foot traffic and other impacts, and they also offer some moisture resistance. Laminate planks therefore will rarely, if ever, collapse under environmental pressures. Some laminate options, including Quick Step, have water resistant cores for premium resistance against moisture and other impacts.

Where Can Laminate Be Installed?

Sure, hardwood, stone, and tile are beautiful, but you have other options. Laminate flooring allows us to enjoy all the looks we covet, and enjoy them in just about any space. It’s extremely easy to install, and the process is designed for a smooth, easy transition.

Our Selection

We at Veterans Carpet One Floor & Home are happy to offer a few different laminate flooring options. Laminate for Life, which is a Carpet One exclusive, is one of our featured brands. We also offer select styles from Quick StepMannington, and Evoke.

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Low-Down on Laminate

In the past, there was no mistaking laminate for hardwood. But because of advancements in manufacturing, laminate offers authentic wood looks and textures. Get the inside scoop on modern-day laminate flooring.

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Laminate and Hardwood

Laminate flooring is a durable alternative to hardwood. Learn exactly how laminate compares to hardwood.

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