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Why Choose Carpet?

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Carpet continues to be the most popular flooring option for both homes and businesses. Why? Here are 3 reasons!

Design Versatility

No other flooring option offers the design versatility that carpet offers. You can, for example, choose from a seemingly endless number of colors and patterns, so no design is considered off limits. You certainly will not have as many choices if you choose harder surfaces such as hardwood and vinyl.

Design versatility is not restricted to color and pattern; you can also choose from carpet types such as velvet, Saxony, shag, cable, and frieze. Velvet and shag carpets are great if you want luxurious looks, but for something less pronounced, you can choose a cable or frieze carpet.

Softness and Comfort

Carpet, as you can imagine, is extremely soft underfoot. It’s comfortable to walk on, and it remains warm as well. This is especially important in homes with children because, if they fall, the soft carpet will protect them them bumps and bruises. Also, the softness underfoot does well to muffle noise, so you’ll never have to hear noisy footsteps from across the room!

Performance Features

Nowadays, carpets offer special performance features to accommodate certain settings. For example, there are carpets that offer premium strength and stain resistance, and there are even some, like our exclusive Tigressa H2O carpets, that are waterproof. So, even if you have messy children or pets, you can still choose a stylish carpet.

Be sure to visit Veterans Carpet One in Denver, CO for all of your carpeting needs. We carry a great selection of carpet brands, so we’ll definitely have a style that catches your eye. Not sure what exactly you should be looking for in a new carpet? One of our experts will help you make the perfect choice!