Lexmark Carpet

Stylish carpet perfect for home settings

Lexmark's Difference

Lexmark carper Denver, CO

At Veterans Carpet One, we offer a great selection of quality carpets for all types of settings. One of our most popular residential carpet manufacturers is Lexmark. Lexmark carpet is stylish and design-oriented, and it also performs well in homes.

Lexmark carpet offers great performance because of its special yarn system. It utilizes Lextron nylon throughout its carpet collection, and this is important because Lextron nylons are extremely durable. In fact, Lextron nylons are suitable for commercial areas with heavy foot traffic, so they will most certainly stand up to everything in your home. Furthermore, Lexmark takes this strength and durability a step further by twisting its yarns 4.5 turns per inch, which is greater than the minimum recommendation. The extra twisting means that the yarns are less likely to pull, rip, and lose their appearance. At the same time, with the Lextron nylons, Lexmark carpets will rarely fade over time. So, no matter which of the 35 different colors you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your carpet will continue to look new and stylish in your home.

Our Selection

We are pleased to offer the Lexmark Living Collection and Tailored by Lexmark. The Lexmark Living Collection is great for homes and other residences because it offers popular, timeless colors and styles. Living Collection carpets can pretty much accommodate any room and home design, and they remain tough and durable as well. For more luxurious looks, check out Tailored by Lexmark. Tailored by Lexmark carpets are specially-made to offer luxury and style, so they are perfect for more sophisticated designs. Although the styles are certainly more luxurious, Tailored by Lexmark carpets do offer Lexmark’s durability.

To check out our selection of Lexmark carpets, visit our Denver, CO store today!