Quality carpet that's built to prevent stains and everyday wear and tear

Stainmaster Carpet

When it comes time to choose a new carpet, there are a few different factors that homeowners seem to value above the others. One of these factors is stain resistance. Homeowners value stain resistant carpets because they are easy to clean and maintain, and because they are suitable for children and pets. We at Veterans Carpet One in South Denver are happy to offer STAINMASTER carpet as part of our Bigelow collection. STAINMASTER is without a doubt the biggest name in stain resistance, so it’s a perfect choice for homeowners.

STAINMASTER carpets are made with type 6,6 nylon fibers that are some of the most durable fibers in the industry. Type 6,6 fibers have a tight molecular structure, so they are extremely difficult to stain. And, these fibers are resilient, so they have great appearance retention even in areas with heavy foot traffic. So, it’s safe to say that type 6,6 nylon fibers are prepared for whatever life throws their way.

In addition, STAINMASTER carpets are treated with an exclusive stain protection. This stain protection combats virtually all spills and dirt, and since it’s chemically bonded with heat, it is considered permanent. So, the stain protection will never wear off or need to be reapplied.

Nonetheless, although STAINMASTER carpets are built to resist spills and stains, they do remain soft and warm like any other carpets. In fact, certain STAINMASTER carpet options feature Tactesse nylon fibers for extra comfort underfoot.

To learn more about STAINMASTER, be sure to visit our Denver, CO showroom today to check out our Bigelow display. Click here to learn more about Bigelow STAINMASTER carpet.

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