Tigressa H2O, SoftStyle, and Cherish

carpets Denver, CO

Tigressa carpets offer the best in softness and durability.  They are comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting, so they are sure to be a great addition to any home.  Visit Veterans Carpet One in Denver, CO to take advantage of our exclusive Tigressa selection!    

Tigressa H2O is waterproof, durable, and fashionable.  The inevitable apple juice, water, and other spills that occur with children or pets usually cause stains and smells.  Tigressa H2O, however, is a stain resistant carpet that prevents these spills from becoming permanent blemishes on your flooring.  Plus, there is a special thermoplastic backing that prevents moisture from moving past the surface!  

Tigressa SoftStyle carpets are gorgeous and soft, but don't be fooled.  Although they deliver a smooth, soft surface, this is not your ordinary carpet.  Soft and strong, this premier all-nylon carpet is designed with extra filaments per bundle.  Ready to put SoftStyle to the strength test?  Visit our showroom to experience this ultra-soft carpeting. 

Tigressa Cherish delivers the epitome of softness, but with the strength that is the foundation of a Tigressa carpet.  Children can play on the carpet without damaging it, and then get a comfortable nap thanks to its soft feel.  Tigressa Cherish is the choice for discerning homeowners who want to maximize the look and feel of their carpet. 

Tigressa isn't our only exclusive carpet brand.  We also offer carpet from Lees.  Click here to learn more.

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