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Coretec technology

COREtech Technology®

COREtech Technology®


Veterans Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver proudly carries Denver’s most extensive collection of COREtech Technology® products. Stop by our showroom today, located at 280 West Mississippi Ave, and let our talented and knowledgeable staff introduce you to one of the most innovative - and durable- vinyl floors on today’s market.


A universe apart, COREtech Technology® vinyl plank and vinyl tile are changing the way we think about flooring on a global basis, thanks to their fantastic construction. COREtech Technology® floors are constructed with a core structure, a cork underlayment, and a vinyl layer. 


The core structure is made with PVC, recycled wood, bamboo dust, and a few other materials. These materials make COREtech Technology® floors completely waterproof, meaning that they won’t expand or contract when changes in moisture levels occur. Other benefits that waterproof COREtech Technology® floors give homeowners include stress-free maintenance and unlikely water damage. With pets, children, and guests, you never know when an accident could happen. Waterproof floors don’t allow liquid to seep into the floor or into the subfloor, so even if you have a mess you don’t see instantly, you won’t have to worry.


The cork underlayment that COREtech Technology® has makes floors soft underfoot. When standing for long periods, your feet and back will not feel the same pain as they would with concrete floors. Plus, with the cork underlayment, even if there are some imperfections in the subfloor, they will be masked with the underlayment, and they won’t be an issue. 


The vinyl layer on top showcases their gorgeous wood appearance, which captures the natural essence of the hardwood flooring look. No longer do homeowners have to sacrifice visual appeal for functional flooring; COREtech Technology® gives you the best of both worlds!


At Veterans Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver, we are your local luxury vinyl flooring provider for Highlands Ranch and surrounding areas.




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