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Area rugs

Area Rugs in Denver, CO

Custom Area Rugs


When browsing area rugs, it is tempting to purchase one that catches the eye. However, it is just as important to select a rug that is suited for the living space. Let the experts at Veterans Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver, CO help you choose the perfect area rug! Our selection is full of both bold and neutral area rugs that range in color, pattern, and style. We’re sure to have an area rug that fits your design flawlessly. 


Benefits of Area Rugs 


Why should you use an area rug? Area rugs provide your hard-surface flooring the protection they need from exposure to foot traffic and accidents. With an area rug, you can trust that your floors won’t experience any of that.  Area rugs can also become the focal point of a room. With an abstract or traditional area rug in the center of the room, your home design can come together beautifully. 


Design Tips 


When it comes to design, we recommend choosing linens and décor that works off of the area rug. For example, if you choose a brightly colored, patterned area rug with pinks, blues, and grays, opt for solid-colored pillows in a similar shade and a neutral throw.


You can also use an area rug to define a space, all by choosing the right size. If you’re not sure what size you need, you can always use painter's tape to outline different sizes on the floor. With this method, you’ll be able to envision what the perfect rug will look like. 


Where to Use Area Rugs 


In many cases, area rugs are intended to be the center of attention in a large room. Add elegance and interest to dining and living rooms with a large, attractive rug featuring a complimentary pattern or design. Coordinate colors with furniture, window dressings, and wall art. Large rugs are available in a wide array of textures and materials like acrylic, wool, and silk.


Staircase runner rugs are another area of your home where rugs are ideal. Runner rugs are specially constructed to withstand the high foot traffic of stairs and hallways, while also providing long-lasting color and comfort. Manufacturers often treat runner rugs to resist dirt and to allow for more effective cleaning. Furthermore, rugs protect valuable hardwoods from daily abuse, increasing longevity.


Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and cut to fit the narrow passages, runner rugs will add interest to these often neglected areas of the home. At Veterans Carpet One Floor & Home in Denver, we are your location area rug provider for Highlands Ranch and surrounding areas.


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